Are You A Victim of Sexual Discrimination?

Gender Discrimination in California

Gender discrimination is prolific in today’s workforce, but you are protected in California if you take action. Does any of this look familiar to you?

  • Your employer pays the opposite sex more than you for the same work
  • Your employer gives you above average reviews, but you are frequently passed over for new positions and opportunities that are given to less qualified coworkers
  • Your employer refuses to promote you because you are told that the job is better suited for a “man’s leadership style” or something similar
  • Your employer provides benefits to the wives and families of male employees but does not do the same for the husbands and families of female employees.

Proving gender discrimination anywhere can be challenging, but you can do it in California with our legal team. From the tech corridors of San Francisco to the entertainment industry of Los Angeles, we have represented countless Californians across a range of industries and professional roles.  Regardless if you are in a C-suite position or entry level, we are prepared to defend and fight for your rights.

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