California Law Challenged Against Large-Capacity Ammunition Ownership

Recently a complaint has been filed by the California Rifle and Pistol Association (state affiliate of the NRA) and five county residents challenging the California law passed last year making it illegal to own large-capacity gun magazines.  California Proposition 63, the Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases and Large-Capacity Ammunition Magazine Ban as an initiated state statue was approved in November 2016.  This, along with a package of other gun bans were passed after the San Bernardino mass shooting and gun advocates are feeling the time may be right to start challenging such laws.California law

Ownership of large-capacity magazines were banned in California for most individuals in 2000. However, individuals who already owned large-capacity magazines before 2000 were allowed to keep them. A component of Proposition 63 removed the ownership exemption for pre-2000 owners of large-capacity magazines, banning magazines of over 10 rounds beginning July 1st.  Those that came into possession of the large- capacity magazines legally prior to 2000 are arguing that their constitutional rights as gun owners are being violated and should not be made to give them up or be faced with an infraction for noncompliance.  The attorney for the plaintiffs states that this ban has little impact on public safety or reduction in criminal abuse of guns.  Read full article here.